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Teleincon love Tower Construction, Installation and line maintenance business.


Telincon will be leading Telecom Tower construction (site acquisition, zoning, construction and equipment installation) RF design and engineering wireless service provider.

We will help our customers to connect people, bring innovation into the market and transform industries, as well as address some of the most challenging issues related to Tower Safety.

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Safety First is Safety Always – Teleincon

Our commitment to our partners

We understand that all accidents, injuries and hazards can be prevented, and the responsibility of safety and security is shared throughout the organization. We maintains a vigorous safety and injury prevention program, with multiple training sessions. Through training, each employee is empowered with responsibility for their personal health and safety and the health and safety of their fellow employees and contractors. Continuous improvement is a way of life at Teleincon, and we use feedback and experience from our field to refine and advance our safety culture.

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100 Tie off policy

OSHA10/OSHA30 Certified

Comtrain Certified

CPR/First Aid Certifed

Our Services

  • 1. Implementation

    From conception, design, end to end implementation, completion and closure, Our team provides high quality , accurate, efficient, and comprehensive detailed oriented project management to help your projects of all scopes and sizes.

  • 2. Antenna and Line Installation

    Our crews are very well trained to carefully execute complex installation specifications in a variety of environments: self-supported or guided tower, a monopole or flagpole, a rooftop or specialized structure. Our technical crews fully test every connection and ensure proper antenna alignment.

  • 3. Tower and Site maintenance

    We understand the importance of maintaining and protecting your assets and we are relied upon to be your “first eyes and ears” out in the field. Our reporting process and documentation packages solidify our service effort and provide you with validation on the condition of your sites.

  • 4. Decommissioning

    We offers a wide range of decommissioning services for our clients to use such as: Tower decommissioning, Tower relocation, Foundation and Shelter removal, Equipment removal, Antenna decommissioning, Coaxial cable decommissioning, Fiber optic cable decommissioning, Carrier decommissioning, Sector decommissioning etc.


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